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Projektierung, Lieferung und Chefmontage der Ausrüstung durch Fa. Hartmann GmbH aus Deutschland

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Die Ausrüstung wurde durch Fa. Hartmann GmbH geliefert, aufgebaut und in Betrieb genommen, sowie das lokale Personal geschult. Read more

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Official representative of the company Petersime

The Hartmann company is the official and sole representative of the company Petersime for incubators in Russia.

Our technology partner in this field is the company Petersime, one of the world's leading manufacturers of incubators. In the development of new concepts and solutions, the companies Hartmann and Petersime cooperate closely – starting with the drafting of the layout up to the start-up of the plant and training of personnel.

The S-Line models X-Streamer™ and X-Streamer HD™ with Operational Excellence™ technology enable a better hatching performance for you and increased product quality at minimal costs for the entire lifetime of the incubators. This is how you will achieve maximum profitability.

The technology of the incubators is part of the latest generation of incubators in the market. Embryo Response Incubation™ is a patented system for assuring a steady interaction between the embryo and the hatching environment.

The following Embryo Response Incubation TM technologies are included in the standard, depending on the model, or are optional equipment of the S-line incubators:


  • CO2NTROL™: for optimal ventilation
  • OvoScan™: for precise temperature control
  • DWLS™: Dynamic Weight System System™ for monitoring the humidity


  • ADS: Automatic Disinfection System in the hatchers
  • Synchro-Hatch™: for reducing the hatching timeframe by approx. 30%

The S-Line models X-Streamer™ and X-Streamer HD™ with Operational Excellence™ technology are based ideas:

  • Consistency of the air distribution in an optimally sealed environment. 
  • Constant online monitoring and control of the embryo response (Embryo-Response Incubation™). 

The S-line models perform consistently better than any alternative incubation system. A greater number of chicks is hatched - and what is even more important - they reach significantly better values on the quality scale: viability, feed conversion and feeding results are at levels never reached before. Read about the competitive advantages of the S-line models below.