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Air-conditioning systems

One of the most important components of the successful pig breeding plant is the air-conditioning system. The capacity of the air-conditioning system is custom designed and configured depending on need. A multitude of local sensors not only facilitate an even, pleasant and growth-promoting climate in the entire sty, but also permit the partitioning the sty into different climate areas. We obtain the basic components for our air-conditioning systems from Reventa in Germany.

In pig breeding, particular requirements regarding climate are configured for each section of the sty. To fulfil these requirements optimally and thus ensure the maximum performance of the animals, different air-conditioning systems are used, depending on the building conditions and customer requests:

  • Exhaust air ducts
  • Central suction system
  • Supply air ducts
  • Mixed air systems
  • Underfloor supply air
  • Oversized ducts
  • Ceiling valves
  • Wall valves
  • or a combination of the listed ventilation systems

Perfect interaction between exhaust, supply air and heating is achieved using air-conditioning computers manufactured by the renowned Netherlands-based company Fancom.

Innovative air-conditioning systems

The most recent innovation within the Russian market is the introduction of the air-air heat exchanger. Since the running costs in pig breeding are significantly influenced by heating costs, to name just one factor, the decision was taken to integrate these technologies into the concepts. Now a large proportion of the heating energy of the exhaust air is fed into the supply air, without the air flows mixing in the process. Heating costs can thereby be lowered considerably.

In Europe, heat exchangers have already been installed for a number of years already and have thus been tried and tested. Here, efficiencies of up to 85% have be achieved and the total energy costs lowered, in some cases by 50%. Of course, innovations such as this have a major impact on the efficiency of the planned plants.

But this does not mean that every pig breeding pant planned by the Hartmann company also includes the air-air heat exchanger. It is only included if requested by the customer. The scope of delivery and product selection are coordinated individually with each customer. During this process, it goes without saying that only high-quality products are recommended, including a high-efficiency heat exchanger. Our partner is the German-based company HDT-Anlagenbau.


Hartmann uses gas generators produced by Ermaf, in the 40 kw and 70 kw versions. The trajectory length is about 45 metres. The devices have very clean combustion, in which very little CO and NOx is produced. The housing is made from rust-free stainless steel and is extremely robust. The integrated control unit enables both automatic and manual mode. If failures occur during operation, the control unit will automatically attempt a restart. The unit will only switch to failure mode after three start attempts. An additional advantage of the Ermaf gas generators is their remarkably good price-performance ratio.

Hot water heating systems

Ribbed heating pipe

In this heating system, hot water is led through special heating pipes. They heat up and radiate the heat. Here the surface of the pipe is enlarged by fins or ribs. Delta pipes have three fins and can be hung directly in the sties. Twin pipes are intended for wall mounting. Twin and delta pipes consist of anodised aluminium and have a heat discharge of 300 watt per meter.

Finned heating pipes are made of galvanised steel or aluminium and have a heat discharge of up to 500 watt/metre.

Lubing spray cooling system

During the summer, when the temperature is high, capacity drops significantly at a regular basis, as the animals are highly stressed due to the high temperatures. This is also reflected in the increased percentages of animals returning to heat and a reduced number of piglets born alive. Likewise, the feed intake drops significantly in high temperatures, which leads to reduced weight gains in the breeding and feeding. Hartmann has each spray cooling system custom-designed for your sty by Lubing. This way we can to offer the optimal cooling system for your business.

Feeding systems

The feeding systems produced by Hartmann are developed specially for careful, automated feed transport from the silo to the feed machine/trough. The combination of spiral and chain handling systems is suitable for the transport of feed in meal and pellet form. 

  • Silo systems made from galvanised steel sheeting, for hygienically flawless feed at all times
  • Feed transport systems transport the feed, fully automatically, into the sty, to the individual animals
  • Dosing feeders for individual feeding or the group keeping of sows, simple and precise dosing
  • Simultaneous feeding of sows prevents stress and losses
  • Simple disassembly of the dosing feeder, enabling easy cleaning and the best possible hygiene
  • Mash and dry feed dispensers for piglets and fattened pigs for the best utilisation of feed and uniform growth
  • Simple management of feeding in all areas of the sties
  • Silo weighing and management software available as options


Feeding system
Feeding system

Sow keeping systems

Individual feeding in box stands in the fertilisation centre, in the waiting sties and boar bays, using the proven Dos7-System by Roxell.

Calm sows, without stress. The feed distribution and opening of the dosing feeder is almost silent. Dosing feeder that is easy and safe to use as well as hygienic.

The DOZIT system by Roxell is a convincing solution for group keeping. Excellent starting point for feeding that is appropriate to the respective species.

Simultaneous feeding prevents stress in the group. Economical, flexible use, as only one dosing feeder is needed for two sow places. Ideal for rearing young animals.

Basic components:

  • Individual stations for the fertilisation centre and waiting area
  • Group keeping of young sows and pregnant sows
  • Farrowing stations
  • Optimal holding system for each production section
  • Adjusted floor coverings for easy cleaning and optimal hygiene
  • Design made from galvanised or powder-coated steel and stainless steel

Piglet breeding and feeding

Piglet breeding

Be it dry feed or mash dispensers – we deliver quality that stays affordable!

The solid dry feed dispenser by Verbakel offers a special price-performance relation for piglet breeding farms and feeding farms. The dispensers are available in many sizes

The BluHox Plus mash dispenser by Roxell stands for efficiency and quality.

For groups of up to 70 animals (piglet breeding or feeding) the BluHox plus mash dispenser guarantees quick and uniform growth. The animals choose their individual ration of water and feed independently. Wasting feed and water is prevented through the combined effects of the bowl shape, separation grille and the positioning of drinking nipples.

Specially made for feeding piglets in the farrowing stable and in piglet breeding

In the farrowing area, the piglet is already learning how to use the feed dispenser and the familiarisation phase in the piglet breeding sty is considerably shortened.

Strong piglets, fast growth.

The piglet feeder by Verbakel is integrated in the partition wall of the farrowing bay. Piglets from two bays learn by play how to feed at a feeder.

Sty equipment and floor systems

Our custom-made bays, boxes and floor systems ensure the  optimal conditions for keeping animals in sow, breeding and feeding stables. Here we can draw on the wide range of products offered by our suppliers, which are selected according to the special requirements of the customers.

Fertilisation and waiting sties

For the fertilisation and waiting sty, the Hartmann company offers triangular grilles with an excrement flap. These prevent excrement gathering behind the sow. The sow stays clean, hygiene is improved and the risk of infections is reduced for the sow.

Tri-Bar, the self-supporting floor system by Noyen. Excellent passage of excrement and optimal hygiene. Can also be adjusted to suit your slurry pit.

Group bay

Group bays for breeding young sows and pregnant sows in the waiting sty

Farrowing sty

Floor system, made from a choice of plastic or plastic-coated expanded metal. The cast element in the sow's lying area improves the regulation of the sow's temperature.

The integrated floor heating offers a warm area on which piglets can lie, which prevents the piglets from becoming excessively cold and ill. Breeding results are improved significantly.

The Nooyen farrowing floor with plastic-coated expanded metal, cast grilles underneath the sow and integrated hot water heating plate. This system is self-supporting. 

Breeding and feeding stables

In the feeding and piglet breeding segment, Hartmann uses rust-free, stainless steel supports and plastic panels. Two pipes are usually installed as end pieces. These can be made either from plastic profile or galvanised square pipe. Both the panels as well as the pipes are delivered cut to size. This way, assembly is considerably simplified and the assembly periods are shortened.

Basic components:

  • Keeping and feeding in individual groups
  • Plastic floor coverings with integrated heating plates for the breeding piglets
  • Maximum growth rates with minimum feed and labour expense
  • Sty partition wall systems of stainless steel and PVC