For high-quality poultry meat

The project planning and implementation of modern and efficient slaughtering and processing systems requires comprehensive expertise and a large number of specialists, in engineering and logistics for example, who in turn must deal with a wide range of questions.

  • Which products does the consumer want?
  • Which sales season requires which products and in what quantities?
  • Which packaging is desired?
  • Which weights are produced?
  • What storage capacities are needed to secure quantity and quality?

Hartmann combines all of these competences under one roof. Every day, we successfully rise to the challenge of designing and implementing poultry slaughtering systems according to the steadily rising demands of the market.

Furthermore, numerous technical issues and requirements that are essential in modern poultry slaughtering must be taken into account. All aspects influence the processes of the plant and consequently the result - the final products.

Due to the rising demand for poultry, the significance of modern processing methods is also continually increasing. We deliver the plant with production capacities ranging from 1,000 to 12,000 broilers/hour as well as the plants for the further processing of the corresponding subproducts.