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  POULTRY SLAUGHTERING SYSTEM > Technology / Equipment

Poultry slaughterhouse technology

In addition to meat products, poultry giblets are also inspected in an efficient and hygienic manner, and removed from the intestines.

Efficient meat production requires modern, economic and hygienic slaughterhouse systems.

Modern poultry meat processing systems

Here butchered poultry products after further processed, quickly and hygienically, and are fed into the packaging units via conveyors

Setup examples

Hartmann company is a supplier of complete, integrated poultry processing systems.

We plan and implement poultry slaughterhouses including pre-cooling systems, butchering and packaging equipment, and subsequent further processing technology. 

The implementation of complete system technologies serves to ensure optimal operations according to the directives governing strict hygiene and maximum effectiveness.

Slaughterhouse systems with capacities of 1,000 to 12,000 animals per hour are offered as part of our supply range.

Example of the scope of delivery

Receiving area:

  • The acceptance of poultry in transport boxes or container systems
  • Hanging carousels, hook belts

 Slaughtering department:

  • Overhead conveyor
  • Anaesthesia with high-frequency stun devices
  • Automatic lateral cut killing device, with adjustment for different sizes of animals
  • Scalding tank, water agitation by means of an air blower for optimal water supply to the quills.
  • Plugging machines with maintenance-free plugging plates and easy accessibility for cleaning
  • Head and trachea pullers
  • Automatic rehanging systems running from the slaughtering section to the evisceration section, including hock cutter (legs are cut at the knee joint)

Heads and feet are cleaned, skinned, cooled and fed into the packaging.

Feathers from the plugging section are flushed into the waste processing system, where a separator separates the feathers from the water.

Evisceration Line:

  • Overhead conveyor
  • Combined vent cutter with opener (optimal animal position for  the avoidance of damage to the giblets)
  • Automatic eviscerator machine with separation of the carcasses and the giblets
  • Offal conveyor belt, transporting offal for veterinary inspection
  • Automated offal remover with separation of the heart, liver, stomach and intestines, including gall bladder.
  • Further processing of offal and cooling with screw conveyor
  • Gizzard harvester
  • Neck skin inspection machine
  • Neck pulling device
  • Neck skin cutter
  • Inspection machine for complete removal of residual innards (lungs) by means of vacuum
  • Internal and external washing devices
  • Automatic rehanging systems running from the evisceration line to the pre-cooling section

Waste products that cannot be used are pumped into the waste processing by means of vacuum pumps.

Offal processing


  • Overhead conveyor
  • Pre-cooling tunnel, cooling methods depending on product requirements, including spray cooling inside and outside of the cooling tunnels
  • Water cooling with counter-flow screw coolers

Product weighing and classification:

Weight sorting and quality control of the products for further use. After air cooling in the tunnel, the automatic weighing of the products can be realised. The weighing system can be integrated in the automated re-hanging system. Before the further use, weight sorting and the quality control of the products must be carried out.

The quality classification then takes place: The products are essentially classified for the butchery section. An additional method for weight classification is that of weighing on an automatic belt weigher with a container system: The adjusted weights are sorted on the belt weigher into preliminary containers and the products are then packed into bags.


We offer project planning solutions for the transport of goods and packaging materials within the production site, in accordance with the requirements of the technological process:

  • Conveyor belt
  • Roller track systems
  • Overhead conveyor

Logistics section of a broiler system consisting of:

  • Weight sorting of entire broilers
  • Butchery line with packaging
  • Offal packaging
  •  Filleting machine with packaging
  • Drumstick separation
  • Cardboard boxes and box conveyor belts
  • Overhead conveyor for empty cardboard boxes and containers
  • Transport box washing machine


Certain products are fed onto a butchery belt to be butchered. The selection of the required configuration of the butchery system depends on the output and the product variants. Standard buts are: 

  • Entire wings, wing tips
  • Entire drumsticks, with and without back piece
  • Upper legs – lower legs, anatomic cut
  • Halving of carcasses, longitudinal cut for halving carcasses, traverse cut for filleting
  • Breast top cut

After butchering the carcasses, the packing units are then packaged and weighed. For this purpose, we offer different systems depending on requirements. Tray packaging with stretch film is commonly used for fresh goods. Optionally, frozen products can be packaged in bags or cardboard boxes. Further packaging variants are available at request.

Offal can also be packaged as fresh products or frozen products. 

The further processing of the butchered partial carcasses is implemented using separate machines, which we would be happy to plan and supply for you: 

  • Breast top skinning and filleting machines
  • Upper leg – lower leg cutting machines

 Depending on output, these machines can be supplied as semi-automatic or fully automatic models.

Breast fillets are also packaged separately, as fresh or frozen product. Drumstick meat is usually further processed into finished products.

Meat processing

Hartmann company also plans and builds plants for the further processing of poultry. The following machines and systems for further processing to produce finished meat products and sausage products, as well as the corresponding packaging technology, are included in our supply range:

  • Meat and bone separators
  • Meat choppers, cutters and mixers
  • Filling and closure machines
  • Tumblers
  • Kneading and spicing drums
  • Injectors
  • Curing and cooking equipment

The mentioned machines and systems are also used in red meat processing – for which we also plan and supply systems and equipment.