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High-quality animal feed is produced from slaughterhouse waste

Animal bodies, slaughterhouse waste and organic waste of various kinds represent usable assets to many of our customers. Hartmann offers a wide range of complex solutions for the processing of this waste.

Thanks to innovative ideas, highly modern technology and highly efficient technologies, slaughterhouse waste and other organic waste are produced into high-quality feed additives – environmentally safe, with high performance and economically efficient.

Hartmann sells complete plants and systems made by Haarslev. Haarslev Industries A/S is one of the global market leaders in the production of waste processing plants.

In this field, Hartmann and Haarslev develop complete concepts for factories - from drafting the layouts to the commissioning of the plant and the training of staff.

Complete plants with

  • raw material acceptance,
  • raw material processing, e.g. batch cooker from 5,000 to 16,000 l,
  • fat processing,
  • condensing,
  • product acceptance, filling into bags, containers or trucks,
  • bio-filter system for the exhaust air.