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Successful within the shortest time

The Hartmann company was founded by the certified engineer Michael Hartmann in Nienburg on 1 May 2005. Twelve employees who had previously worked at other well-known companies in the industry have made it possible through their technical expertise that the entire package of technical variants, which – including everything from poultry and pig breeding to hatchery, slaughtering as well as further processing and the treatment of wastes could be offered from the very first day onward. Thus, nearly the entire spectrum of plant construction in food technology was presented.

In late 2007/early 2008, the company has moreover made further big progress in its own company chronology: Together with a manufacturer, the Hartmann company accomplished to develop and realise an entirely novel product for the first time. This is how it came to be that a cage for broiler breeding bears the "Hartmann" name since then. The close cooperation with the leading manufacturers of food technology, combined with Hartmann's proximity to the market could in this way originate economically valuable modernisations of the technologies for the long term and which in turn have created an enormous benefit for the end consumer.

Owing to the continuous growth, the company has initiated hiring specialised engineers in Russia, who manage the projects on site and offer training to the customers for the right handling of the technology. The customers have regular contact persons at the branch offices in Moscow. Yet, more than that, Hartmann Russia was opened in October 2008. The number of projects and demand has increased to such a level that continuing to operate exclusively out of Germany is no longer sufficient. After all, the Hartmann company, could boast 47 additions to the staff with its track record of just three years at that time.

Together with the worldwide leading manufacturers of Europe, the Hartmann company has positioned its project ideas very well in the Russian market. This is also proven by the customers' many years of loyalty.

Furthermore, the figures illustrate the growth and confirm that the Hartmann company is the right address for complete solutions in this industry. The company supplies regions between Kaliningrad and Wladiwostok and every week, about 50 trucks with high-quality equipment leave the company premises. Although there is fierce competition in the Russian market, the Hartmann company could already deliver and start operations of hatcheries for 26 different customers, which have an overall capacity of 760 million eggs. This is about equivalent of a market share of about 28%, considering that about 2.7 billion hatching eggs are produced in the Russian Federation. In the broiler segment, about 20% of the entire production of 3.5 million tons of meat in Russia uses plants of the Hartmann company. This also owing to the circumstance that the Hartmann company has become the European market leader in recent years for the delivery of cage equipment used in poultry breeding in Russia.

By now, the company has overall about 130 employees in Nienburg/Weser and in Moscow. The company headquarters have furthermore a training room for customers and employees so that the good service continues to be ensured. In addition, an exhibition room of 170 square metres provides space for the presentation of the Hartmann products. The owners, the married couple Hartmann, want that the young and qualified staff feels comfortable for the good working conditions and has fun at work to keep generating good ideas and to be there for the customers.