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Projektierung, Lieferung und Chefmontage der Ausrüstung durch Fa. Hartmann GmbH aus Deutschland

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Die Ausrüstung wurde durch Fa. Hartmann GmbH geliefert, aufgebaut und in Betrieb genommen, sowie das lokale Personal geschult. Read more

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Planning, know-how and organization guarantee logistical perfection

For each individual order, Hartmann company organizes the respective transportation to the final recipient/destination – of course including the customs clearance. All departments work very closely to deal with the daily challenge of continuous flow of goods and to meet all customer needs.

Know-how, expertise, knowledge and experience, along with planning and organizational talent are required to overcome not only the large distances of up to 12.000 km, but also the difficult infrastructure occasional found in some sales regions. An additional office in Moscow provides on-site support.

Russia is the largest country in the world. Based on this fact, distances cannot be compared with deliveries within Europe or, much less, within Germany. Furthermore, the occasional extreme weather conditions in Russia must be taken into account. For example, during the thawing season there are weight limits for trucks, driving bans during hot weather and many other obstacles to overcome. Early communication with the customs agents and the perfect proper planning of unloading with customers guarantee on-time delivery.                                                                                                                              

The logistics motto of the Hartmann company is: satisfaction guaranteed.

The majority of orders involve customs clearances in blocks, meaning that 6, 8, 10, 20 or even more trucks have to arrive at the Russian customs terminal on the same day and at the same time for customs clearances. These blocks also include oversized trucks that can only be driven with a special permit and that must also arrive at the same time as the other trucks.

Not only trucks loaded in Nienburg are part of a block of trucks. There are also trucks that initially start loading in other countries, e.g. the Czech Republic, Denmark, Belgium or the Netherlands.

A further challenge:  in Russia, all goods subject to certification are inspected for compliance with the corresponding Russian TR (technical regulations) and the product approval criteria. A declaration of conformity is required to be able to export to Russia. The certificates must be requested at an early stage from the manufacturers and must be coordinated with the customs agents. The kind of certificate depends on the respective goods.

Various documents are required for exports to Russia, Belarus or Kazakhstan – all documents have to be issued in German and in Russian, e.g. CMR, export declarations, invoices, packing lists, insurance and quality certificates, as well as certificates of origin as evidence of the EU origin.

Since 2011, the Hartmann company has been accredited as an Authorized Economic Operator with AEO status and is thus deemed a particularly reliable and trustworthy company, subject to special conditions with regard to customs clearance.

Indoor loading
Truck fleet
Container loading by crane

The logistics premises on the company site in Nienburg have a clear structure. Various warehouse-areas (indoor and outdoor), loading and parking spaces are clearly marked and, similarly to the clear distinction between inbound and outbound vehicles, lead to the flawless flow of deliveries. 

To ensure safe transport, the Hartmann company works only with selected logistic partners who can assure the use of trucks of the latest generation/Euro Standard, trucks with air suspension, mobile phone and navigation device/GPS. During their stopover in Nienburg, the truckdrivers have the option of using a truckdriver’s house to make waiting and resting periods as comfortable as possible (truckdrivers work breaks by law). Because one fact we know exactly : It is the driver who has to deliver the goods to each customer safely and on time.

The majority of transports is done by truck, but some factories are located in regions of Russia that are difficult to reach. Based on this fact, Hartmann company generally uses several transport modes. The components of a plant are delivered to the relevant construction site either by truck, ship, railway or even by airplane. The freight capacities and transport routes are planned as best as possible so that the transport costs and transport times can be minimized for each customer.

Container vessel
Oversized transport
Oversized transport on open truck