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Trusting reliance on quality and service

The Hartmann company cooperates only with leading European suppliers, which exclusively manufacture brand products. This is the only way the company believes it to be possible to guarantee the accustomed standards of quality.

Hartmann has made it its goal to serve its customers to their satisfaction over the long term; besides the permanent follow-up service for the designed plants, another part of this is using components that meet a high standard of quality. The permanent cooperation with well-known supplier companies offers the Hartmann company furthermore the advantage that its practical experience can contribute in a significant way to the production, meaning the design, of the components.

Our focus - your all around care-free package

Despite the large distance, this team of engineers additionally ensures a great performance in terms of follow-up services; where repairs are needed, this can be assured by trained personnel on site with a problem resolution provided normally within 24 hours.

The focus of the Hartmann company is therefore on the all around care-free package: From planning the plants to servicing the plants - in the same way as the complete offer from incubation technology to slaughterhouse and waste processing plants. The customers therefore have the great benefit of minimising expenses and sources of errors: The fewer contact persons there are the simpler a trusting cooperation.